The challenges for Integrated Marketing Communication: My perspective at CQ 15

Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication Bangalore conducted a panel discussion on integrated marketing and communication (IMC) as part of their flagship event- Communication Quotient (CQ) 15. I was invited as part of the panel.

I have been a long time watcher of IMC and I have never really understood how organizations can survive by not integrating all their communication. The truth unfortunately is that communication is often considered the realm of the branding or marketing teams and the rest of the organization is pretty clueless about what to communication, when and how.

It was left to certain organizations like IBM who tried to integrate their communication under one umbrella through the “Smarter Planet ” Campaign. Certain other successful campaigns included the ‘Don’t be Evil “campaign ¬†from Google and ‘Das Auto’ from BMW.

But the biggest challenge today is fragmentation of media. The good old days of controlling the channels is over. The very fact that you are reading my blog means that you believe that the power of the new medium that continues to challenge the older mediums. The fragmentation will bring about a change in the way marketers behave. Technology savoy marketers, who are comfortable to roll up their sleeves and are individual contributors as well as team players would do well. The era of managers in truly over unless that manager is able to contribute individually to marketing and is savvy with new channels.

Also a marketer has to constantly experiment with new techno


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  1. Priyanka

    I agree to the fact the Communication should be integrated.The channels of reaching the customers are constantly evolving and i feel that the greater challenge is to find a communication route that would work for all the channels. be it on digital aspect/ print/ TVC/ outdoor. one example that i could think of would be of Emirates on how the integrated and all mediums in an effective manner.

    • Doc

      That’s true Priyanka

      Can you tell me more about the Emirates example ? I am their frequent flyer and part of the program. Would love to know more..

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