Why dentists should set up their pages on Facebook

Most professionals may think that Facebook is for kinds and teenagers. But a lot of small businesses don’t realize that a lot of their customers are on Facebook. It is important for dentists and their practices to be on Facebook and leverage the power of Social Media to collaborate and reach out to more patients in the local community.

Watch this video to learn how dentists can create more awareness about their practice by using Facebook.

What Organizations and Clubs can learn from the House of Cards

House of cards is probably the most successful original mini series in the history of television. After being nominated and winning a Golden Globe in its very first year of telecast. HBO for example took 11 years to achieve the same. So what can organizations learn from the data driven approach used by Netflix to conceptualize this series. My talk given at All state Connect TMC throws some light on lessons that Marketing and Management can learn

Management Lessons from Tennis

How the automated defibrillator can save your life

Launch of the Philips Portable Ultra Sound

Philips launch their portable ultra sound. The device starts at Rs 10,00,000 and is highly portable. It can connect to a tablet to show the ulta sound images in HD and does some cool things like measuring head circumference of the baby in less than 10 seconds. For more watch the video. For more Healthcare updates visit

Winner always Quit

Its not that winner never quit. They invariably are serial quitters. But they quit anything that is not core to their long term goals. Examples from Michael Dell to the Navy Seals shows how both individuals and organizations that encourage people to quit rise to the top.

Webinar on Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: The way we go to market has just been disrupted and most of us are probably not aware of it. The traditional ways of marketing like doing press releases, getting mentions in publications, celebrity endorsements are history.
The future belongs to organizations and individuals, who identify, engage and nurture relationships with a new breed called influencers.

Panel discussion – How Digital can lead the transformation on India

Watch a panel discussion featuring Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, on how Digital can lead the transformation on India
The panel discussion was held as part of the Philips Digital Health conclave. The participants included some of the top health leaders in the country.

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