Social Media adoption by Dentists in India published in Dentacare

CSR Mandate
Vol 3, 2016

As social media adoption increases an upcoming report looks at its adoption by Dental surgeons in India.

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Read How Technology is leading the charge for the transformation in India, article by Dr Vikram Venkateswaran on CSR mandate

CSR Mandate
Vol 3, 2016

Dr Vikram writes about the need to imbibe technology to get healthcare to the masses. The article draws heavily from a panel discussion that Dr Vikram lead at the Philips Digital Health Conclave.

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What Cities are doing to Improve Public Health

IBM Corporate Blog 
August 2013

In the coming years more than 50 % of the human population would be living in the cities. This would be a remarkable feature in the history of human civilization; an event unmatched in history when cities will support most of humanity.

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Brand leader thinks inside the box
Tue, 20 Sept 2011

Should media houses lend their brand name to activities which they cannot influence? The recently concluded ET Young Leader’s Programme builds a case for media organizations to be careful about what they promote

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Transforming Healthcare Through Social Media
Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Social media has moved beyond being a tool for young individuals to share their private lives (pictures, messages) to fostering serious discussion on technology and business. Increasingly driven by regulatory pressures, the need “get it right the first time” and minimize costs remains a concern in the healthcare industry

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Accountable Care Organizations: The New Paradigm in providing Healthcare

Wipro Corporate Blog 
November 2010

Though the buzz in the Healthcare Industry in the United States is around ‘meaningful use’ as a provision under the HITECH Act, most Healthcare providers are grappling with another situation – how to provide adequate care while keeping costs under check?

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Born in the USA

The Hindu Business Line
August 27, 2008

The current economic scenario in the US has seen an unlikely upside. The rise of the brand ” Made in the US”. Many small and medium enterprises have started positioning their brands such with interesting results.

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Shopping through the Dish

Hindu Business Line
April 2008

The next  retail wave is here…thanks to technology. Can your television be used as a shopping device?

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24 Hour Banking: Deal or Dilemma

Third AIMS International Conference on Management
Jan 1-4, 2006

Increasing the banking hours is expected to increase the ease of doing business and increase the customer satisfaction index. But increasing the working hours does it really help the bank.

The study was done in 2005 and will be interesting to note the implications of social and others on these aspects today.

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