Life is too short living someone else’s dream

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Steve Jobs once said that life is too short to live someone else’s dream. After 39 years of doing that I truly understand the meaning of those words. Most of us feel that challenges to our dreams and aspirations come from outside sources, but in reality the real enemy is inside. It could be friends, girl friends/ boy friends, siblings, father or even your mother. Anyone who stands in the way of you achieving your potential is an enemy. and has to be dealt with accordingly with lethal force.

It is interesting that sometimes these close, near and dear ones, can absolve themselves of all blame easily when push comes to shove and leave you licking your wounds. I believe that I have wasted a lot of time in my career. Prepared for an entrance that I never deeply cared about, studied dental surgery when I should have been doing other things. Slogged for 5 years in a dental practice where I never really felt at home and each day spent there was a hole in my soul. When I finally had the courage to leave, all hell broke loose. But I did get away.

Yesterday I was reminded of the fact that the past always has the tentacles on you. Just like how Gandalf fell in the mines of Moria being pulled into the underworld by the whip of the Bal-Rog. I had made one mistake, I had kept quiet about my exit, leaving it at a dignified silence about the turn of events. But now that would change, now,I would employ the lethal force that is necessary to pursue one’s dreams. Its time for the bridges to be broken and the ropes to be cut, master of puppets, you may have the others but you don’t have the strings to me.

When people attack you, it is mostly because they are afraid and you are right. Imagine getting attacked for leaving a dental practice, to pursue your dream of management. Now I empathize with all those marginalized by society and the lives they are leading.

To all those who want to get out, this last piece of advise, its not going to be easy, you would be challenged, tormented and ridiculed at every step. So if you have the courage and clear in your conviction, go ahead, rise and rise with the wind. If you ever want to talk, just drop me a note, and I can probably share my experiences to help you.


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