How well do Organizations know their customers ?

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Well that seems to be the burning question of the month.

How much do organizations know about customers ? When I asked this question on my blog post on Desi Brand Strategy the response was interesting. Some people wrote in about their experiences with other service providers. The impression I got was that most brands decided to ignore their customers. A good example that a young lady spoke about was how PVR cinemas had continued to ignore her despite being a loyal customer.

A similar response i received for my post on Facebook. A few interesting examples were the Empire restaurant at Bangalore, Local pubs in Bombay and the online retail chain. All three were keen to push their offers rather than know the customer and make meaningful offerings.

Finally a related post in LinkedIn brought out some interesting perspectives as the lack of process and budgets had forced many organizations from focusing deeply on customized offerings.

In conclusion, brands hardly know the customer anymore, but continue to make a big show of knowing them in the hope of pushing surplus material as genuine offers.

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