How marketers run Las Vegas

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Marketers run Las Vegas.

No doubt about that but sis you know that Casinos are very well segmented based on their location ?

Well the main casinos that we hear and see in movies work in drawing in tourists and gamblers to the mega resorts. With gambling, bars, shows and entertainment they continue to be the main draw and located very close to the read called the strip. This road actually sits outside the Las Vegas City Limits and is called Paradise City. The casinos are also well segmented in terms of rooms.  MGM for example has the Mandalay Bay, the Delano and the Luxor which is in the decreasing order of high rollers. As the hotels also double up as convention centres, they cater well to the cater hierarchy, trust you get my drift.


But surrounding the city of Las Vegas, literally circling it are called Local’s Casinos. These are mostly catering to the local residents and have their own attractions to keep people coming in. These include

  1. Buffets- Most of these casinos offer buffets, which are as cheap as $ 9.99 for eat as much as you can. So most patrons come in to eat at this buffet. So the plan is to have people come in to eat and then gamble either before or after the meals. depending on the preference of the patron
  2. More chances of winning- IF you did not know Las Vegas casinos especially the slot machines usually have a profit margin built in the game. So most casinos can give modest pay outs and still make money. The locals casinos actually payout more and you have a higher chances of winning. So if you want to win at a casino then better try one of the outer ones hugging the periphery of the city.



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