#Digihour Twitter chat with @Ganeshjacharya: From Internet to Digital

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Yesterday I spent about an hour with good friend and marketer Ganesh Acharya. He was picking my brains on the past, present and the future of Digital Marketing. He has started a new platform called #digihour and its a one hour digital conversation with various experts. I think I was one of the first there so real honour to be there.

We discussed a whole lot of issues right from Social Media, twitter, LinkedIn and then went on to delve on some of the challenges for India and what those could hold for the future. During that chat Ganesh wanted to know when I first used a computer. For this moment I have to go back to 1998 where while at CODS Manipal, we used to get 15 minute coupons to access the internet in the library. I used to write all my mails offline and store in a floppy disc, come tot he library and just copy paste ans press send. Those were some days. As a member of the editorial team our editor had flying powers to use the internet and if you were on his good books he would share his password with you.

I found this whole exercise very tedious and stayed away from computers and internet for a while. I did end up doing a basic course in MS Office from Manipal Institute of Computer Education during that time.

Coming back to internet, I finally found the courage to ask good friend Ankur to block some time from his busy schedule and to teach me how to use the internet. In all seriousness if he was amused he did not show it and the following weekend I went to his house and he started his desktop and did a few things. After that a page opened and it read Yahoo.com. He said now you can go ahead and ¬†use the internet. I stared for a while and then said I had no idea what he was talking about…

I have come a long way since then, now coming to work in Digital Business and interesting with some of the best digital and technological minds in marketing today. FOr more on the chat please visit this storify link




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